Eclipse 2017

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  • 25 Aug, 2017
The staff at Paragon practicing "Safety First" (except for the lone maverick staring directly at the sun...)
(photo from Time Magazine)

Paragon Behavioral Health Blog

By 7016277837 15 Dec, 2017
We were all so happy to have the chance to gather outside the office to eat, drink, and be merry!  
By 7016277837 01 Dec, 2017
I think this is advice that we could all use from time to time --- ESPECIALLY around the holidays.  Taking good care of yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones ♥   ~RS
By 7016277837 21 Nov, 2017
On behalf of everyone at Paragon Behavioral Health, we wish you a joyous Thanksgiving, filled with sharing, caring, and lots of love.  
By 7016277837 11 Nov, 2017
Mindfulness, in a nutshell.  Enjoy your moment.  ~RS
By 7016277837 03 Nov, 2017
We were happy to welcome all the children from our neighbor, the YMCA Childcare Program, for trick-or-treating fun!  There are few things more adorable than 60+ kids swarming in their princess and superhero costumes.  Some of the staff at Paragon joined in the fun in their own Disney- and fairy-tale garb.  :)   
By 7016277837 01 Nov, 2017
If you don't have employer-sponsored or other health insurance, now is the time to enroll for a plan with the CT Exchange via  (  ).  The enrollment period has been shortened to 8 weeks, and the advertising budget has been dramatically reduced, so people might not be aware that open enrollment is here and that ACA coverage is still available.  Spread the word so everyone can have access to comprehensive health insurance!!  ~RS
By 7016277837 28 Oct, 2017
Never forget the importance of being kind and comforting to yourself    ~~RS
(print by Brian Andreas)
By 7016277837 26 Oct, 2017
Our phones are working.  Our fax is still a little iffy.  Next service call is Monday afternoon.  If you have trouble sending or receiving faxes from us, please call us at 860-893-0040.  Sorry for any inconvenience!
By 7016277837 20 Oct, 2017
I hope you get the reference!  😄   ~~RS
By 7016277837 07 Oct, 2017
It's not unusual for people to tell me they feel discouraged, or feel like they've failed, if they find themselves struggling with something that they thought they had dealt with and put to rest.  I don't consider this a failure at all.  I think that as we face new experiences, developmental phases,  or challenges in our lives, new versions of old issues will present themselves.  This is NOT a step backward.  It's all part of moving forward.  (PS: who am I to disagree with Margaret Thatcher, but I wouldn't say that it's about "winning" at all.  Perhaps accomplishing?  Working through?  Moving ahead?  I just don't think it's a win/lose experience).  In any case, I think it's important to EXPECT to re-visit significant life issues at different points along our paths.  Each time, however, we do it from a different perspective.   ~ RS
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