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  • 25 Aug, 2017
The staff at Paragon practicing "Safety First" (except for the lone maverick staring directly at the sun...)
(photo from Time Magazine)

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I often talk to people who  think  about change and  wish  things were different, yet they don't actually  do  anything differently, so nothing  really changes.   Sometimes the barrier is in not knowing where to start, or fearing that they'll  fail in their efforts.  Often, what someone  imagines  they'll have to do is so overwhelming that they don't even start trying.  At PBH, we can help you find some manageable, achievable steps to take -- and the confidence -- to embark on a path toward real, meaningful change.  No, it may not be easy, and it's not always comfortable.   But chances are, you'll look back and feel so proud that you mustered up your courage and stepped out of your comfort zone.  And we'll be with you all along the way!   ~RS
By 7016277837 25 Aug, 2017
The staff at Paragon practicing "Safety First" (except for the lone maverick staring directly at the sun...)
(photo from Time Magazine)
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Bad things happen.   Life brings us annoyances, losses, troubles.  But instead of feeling like a target, or a victim of fate, try to turn your thinking around.  What can you learn?  How can you grow from this?  
Some people say that everything happens for a reason.  I can't say whether this is true.  But I do believe that we can learn from everything that happens.  "Every moment is the guru."

By 7016277837 27 Jul, 2017
Here's a challenge:  Every day, make an active effort to look for at least one thing in your life that you feel grateful for.  It doesn't have to be something earth-shattering.  Maybe you had a really great cup of coffee and a moment of peace and quiet to start your day.  Maybe you got to see a hummingbird in your garden.  Maybe a colleague offered to help out with a project you've fallen behind on.  The point is to try to pay attention to those things that you appreciate, or that bring you joy.  This can help to shift away from focusing on more negative experiences, and can have a positive impact on your overall mood and well-being.   Give it a try and see what happens!
By 7016277837 17 Jul, 2017
All too often, we allow our well-being to be determined by our outside circumstances and experiences.  We feel frustrated because we want more than we have.  We feel sad or dissatisfied about what we don't have or what we lost .    We worry about what tomorrow will bring.  We regret what we did yesterday.  We forget that our experiences do not define us, and they don't determine our mood.  

Learning mindfulness skills is one way to help with this.   Mindfulness combines  acceptance without judgment of our life's experiences with a focus on  being present in the here-and-now .  It contributes to enhanced happiness by teaching us to savor life's pleasures as they occur and to become more engaged in our activities and relationships.  

 Mindfulness techniques can be taught on their own, or incorporated into a broader psychotherapy.   Here's a good link for an overview of some of the benefits of mindfulness:

If you would like to learn more about how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your day-to-day life, just give us a call!
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It's the heart, not the biology, that makes a father a dad.
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(Poem by N. Waheed)
We feel, but we are not our feelings.  We think, but we are not our thoughts.  We struggle, but we are not our circumstances.  Call us if you would like to talk!
By 7016277837 05 Jun, 2017
With all the recent events in the news, it's not hard to find oneself feeling scared, overwhelmed or suspicious.  It's important to remember to also look for those things that are comforting, joyful, and reassuring --  The ways that people come together to support, encourage and help each other.    ~RS
By 7016277837 31 May, 2017
We all have to deal with loss at some time.   Any loss can be challenging and painful.  Some may be devastating.   It may be the passing of a loved one or a cherished pet.  A divorce or the ending of a romantic relationship or friendship.  Children leaving home for college or a job.   The loss of a job, financial losses, losses that come with moving or retirement...  All can have a significant impact.  At Paragon, our clinicians are here to help you navigate on your journey through the grief process, and to develop the coping skills you need to allow you to mourn and move forward.  
By 7016277837 28 May, 2017
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