Psychotherapy and Counseling

Psychotherapy and Counseling

What is Psychotherapy and How Can It Help You?

Psychotherapy (also called talk therapy or counseling) can help people overcome everyday challenges, meet personal goals, and resolve symptoms associated with diagnosed mental health conditions. It is not just “venting” or “getting it out.”
This is an active process in which you work together with your clinician to learn more about yourself, set goals for change in your thoughts, feelings, and actions; and develop skills and strategies for living a happier and healthier life and coping more effectively with challenges.

Different Models of Psychotherapy

There are many different models of psychotherapy. Some focus more on here-and-now problems, and some focus more on how experiences in your past affect your feelings and relationships. Some utilize skill-building approaches while others emphasize self-understanding.

Our Principles Regarding Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy takes place in a safe, supportive, trusting relationship, where you can talk openly with someone who is nonjudgmental, objective, and neutral. Psychotherapy is also a shared, collaborative process. We don’t “change” or “cure” you, nor do we give you all the answers or choose what goals are right for you. Rather, we work together with you to help you better understand yourself and your problems, identify the goals that you want to reach and plan the steps to help change in the directions that you have chosen. Lastly, your privacy and confidentiality are our utmost concern.

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